Monday, February 12, 2018

Lots of Happenings at TCE!

CISD Health Attendance Guidelines

As a reminder for all of those families who have kiddos who have been ill or those who may have questions.  For ultimate success in school, we know our learners need to be at school and in the classroom. There are times, however, a student must stay home. A child that is sick cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate in a meaningful way. Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school community and allows the child opportunity to rest and recover. Please use the following guidelines when deciding if your child should attend school and there is a link to see more district guidelines below:

Fever   Although an elevated temperature is not in itself an illness, it is a good indicator the body is fighting an illness or infection. Combined with other symptoms such as sore throat, nausea, or rash, your child may have a contagious illness. Students with a temperature 100ยบ F or greater should stay home until fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of a fever suppressing medication (e.g. Tylenol, Motrin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen).

Vomiting or diarrhea more than once in 24 hours 
 Many viruses and bacteria cause disease that involve vomiting and diarrhea.  Students should be free of vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without the use of medication.

Valentine's Day Parties
Quick reminder that we will have our classroom Valentine's Day parties on Wednesday, February 14th.  
2nd grade:  1:00pm
Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th:  2:00pm

Your teachers have been sending out info in their blogs with any other specifics for bringing cards, etc.  Please check with them if you have any questions! 

TCE Family Engineering 
Extravaganza Night

February 22nd from 5:00-7:00pm

Come join us for a full-filled family evening of building, creating and innovating!  There will be learning stations set up throughout our building with challenges and problems to stretch you and your child’s imagination and innovation skills!

You may work on these challenges with your kiddos or stand back and watch their young minds in action!  
We will also have an area set up the gym featuring several learners with robotics and projects from the elementary and secondary level!

***Please note:  The event does not require any money to attend. However, we do ask that parents please attend with your child for supervision purposes during the stations.

Jump Rope for Heart
We are currently in the middle of our service learning fundraiser for the American Heart Association and Jump Rope for Heart.  We are currently at about $10,000.00 toward our overall goal of $20,000.00!  

This year, if we can reach our goal by the end of February, we will have a fun celebration at our 3rd Spirit Rally.  Thinking about healthy, heart friendly ideas this year. . .we decided that Mrs. Ford, Coach Erickson and Mr. Miller have volunteered with me to have buckets of oatmeal dumped on our heads!  Yes. . . we love to think of crazy ideas each year in order to help get our kiddos excited about raising funds for a good cause!  Keep those funds coming. . .it's for a good a great cause!  
Also, if you would like to come up and jump with your kiddos on our Jump Rope for Heart day, it will be Friday, February 23rd during your child's specials time. 

9:30-10:20 - 4th
10:20-11:10 - 3rd
11:10-12:00- 5th
12:30-1:20 - Kinder
1:20- 2:10 - 1st
2:10-3:00- 2nd

February 19th - No School!

Just a quick reminder that there is no school for kiddos on Feb. 19th.  Enjoy your holiday!  

Safety Reminder - Loop, Parking Lot and Crosswalks
Crosswalk Safety
We have staff on TCE campus grounds each morning and afternoon on duty in order to help our students and parents stay safe by using our crosswalks.  Please help us to teach our children to be safe and follow the rules by using the crosswalks designated in the front and back loops at all times.  We have a sidewalk that prevents students from having to cross the staff parking lot as well, and we ask that this is used at all times.

No Cell Phone Usage
Please make sure that you are driving slowly through our school zone as well as through our front and back loops or parking lots.  We have many students and parents walking and crossing and want to make sure you are always watching for their safety. 

Also, it is a Texas state law that no cell phones are used when driving through a school zone as well as when dropping off or picking up your children.  We ask that you focus all of your attention on driving safely during drop off and dismissal times.

No Parking Areas
There are certain areas in our school parking lot as well as our loops that are specifically designated as No Parking areas.  You should never park in any of our fire lanes which are the front loop and the cafeteria loop areas.  This also includes leaving your car unattended to run into the school to drop off or pick up your child or an item.  You must always use the designated parking lots. 

There should also be no parking along the curb in the front parking lots of the school. This has caused accidents in the past as well as it is a safety concern for individuals coming and going from the school.

Spring:  Class and Individual Pictures
Just a reminder that we will have group pictures and individual spring pictures on Tuesday, March 6th in the morning.  Remember ordering pics is a great way to capture your child's elementary school years!  

Book Fair
Our TCE staff and TCE PTO volunteers are gearing up for our spring time book fair the week of March 5th-9th!  This is always a great way for your kiddos to purchase new reading materials for school/home!  We will have two days for Breakfast, Books and Buddies in which we will have doughnuts served to everyone going to shop at the book fair before school.  
If your child's last name starts with (A-L) we ask that you attend the morning of March 6th with your buddy.  

If your child's last name starts with (M-Z) we ask that you attend the morning of March 7th with your buddy. Hope that many of you can come out during this week!  

Family STEM Catapult 
Design Challenge
We have a fun filled STEM design challenge for you this month!  If you would please check out the following link from Mrs. Berumen our Library Media Specialist to see how your child can participate!  Link to STEM Catapult design challenge:

Open House
Our TCE Open House event this year will be on Thursday, March 8th from 5:30-7:00pm.  We hope you can join us to come and see some of the amazing learning happening at TCE this year!  

3rd Nine Weeks Spirit Rally 
We will have our 3rd Nine Weeks Spirit Rally Friday, March 9th at 8:15am.  Our Kindergarten and First grade will be performing and we will have some fun activities going on during the rally!

Shamrock Shuffle
We will have our annual Shamrock Shuffle fun run on Friday, March 9th during your child's specials time.  

9:30-10:20 - 4th
10:20-11:10 - 3rd
11:10-12:00- 5th
12:30-1:20 - Kinder
1:20- 2:10 - 1st
2:10-3:00- 2nd

Spring Break
Just a reminder that our Spring Break this year will be on March 12th-16th.  School will resume on Monday, March 19th!  

 TCE Cultural Celebration Evening 
Wednesday, March 28th from 5:30-7:00pm

We are planning for a new evening event that will be happening at TCE during the final week of March.  We want to celebrate all of the diversity within our campus and get the chance for our kiddos to learn more about each of the cultures and family traditions that make up our TCE family and the world.  We are currently working with a parent/campus committee that will be working on gathering ideas and helping to set the overall structure of the event.  Then we will be gathering more volunteers for the actual event in the next few weeks. 

If you would be interested in serving on the committee,  helping out for the event or have ideas for the event, please email me at

We would love to have any additional input as we move ahead with the event!

New After School Club for TCE
We are expanding our after school club offerings this spring with a group that you might be interested in for your child.  We have a Texan Town group during our Friday learning time that has been working on coding with the company and they are wanting to now offer a club after school.  If you are interested in finding out more about the after school club, see flyer below.  

TCE Shout Outs for Volunteers, Staff and Community
We are continuing to find ways for our educators and parents to celebrate all of our parents, community members and staff who go the extra mile to help out with our classrooms, in the office, for events, etc. this year!  

Remember, anyone can fill out a shout out!  We are wanting parents to give each other shout outs as well, since there are many times when you know there was an event and you appreciated the extra hands helping out! Here are recent shout outs that have been turned in from our link!

Thank you to all our home room parents for all you do! The winter parties ROCKED! My heart was full and happy seeing all the decorations, the food, and the excitement on faces and hearing all the giggles and shouts. We are so blessed to have a wonderful group of caring people who put so much time and energy making fun and memories for all our kiddos!

Shout to all the wonderful parents who helped the PTO hospitality committee provide snacks/treats to our teachers this past month...Vivian Ryan, Sara Saunders, Michelle Cochran, Sanam Wright, Kinsey Weegar, Heidi Bransom, Tammy Olsen, Nazanin Naiemi, Summer Keith, Min-i Ko, Sumit Rekhi, Radika Medappa, Jhansi Chittajallu, Samantha Challagulla, Danielle Swartz, Shelly Lewis!!

Thank you to our PTO for getting the fall grants approved to help provide more resources for our kiddos!  We appreciate all of our families that donate funds and know that it makes such a difference to the learning at TCE! 

5th Grade Parent Volunteers- Thank you so much for working so hard to organize our Winter Party! The kids had a blast, and we appreciate the time and effort it took! Love, 5th Grade Teachers

Sarah Saleem, Thank you so much for helping me pop popcorn! I appreciate your help during Texan Treats. I don't know what I would do without your wonderful support! Thanks, Sherri

Paula-You are amazing!! I love how you are always willing to help with everything! Town Center is so lucky so have such a WONDERFUL volunteer! Thank you very much! P.S. I also enjoy talking with you about Books!!! - Lorri Brehm

First Grade Room Moms! We had the BEST Winter Party! Thank you for organizing such wonderful and fun activities for the kiddos! We appreciate all you do for us and our classes. - Lorri, Lauren, Kim, Courtney

Sue Campbell- Thank you so much for reading with my kiddo's and helping me with projects! You are such a wonderful volunteer! - Lorri Brehm

"Thank you" does not seem to be enough to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to, Beth Reynolds! She has gone above and beyond helping us in our classroom this year! We are truly thankful for her! She is one of a kind!  Sincerely,  Dianne Johnston and Schuyler Dix

Sue Campbell - Thank you so much for coming to do some extra reading with my students every other Thursday! You are the best and your time is so appreciated!
-Lauren Torti

Anna Slaton - Thank you so much for coming on Monday afternoons to read with some of my students! They love when you come and everyone wants a turn with you! Thanks for making it fun for them! I so appreciate your time! - Lauren Torti

Library Volunteers--We are so thankful for you! We have loved getting to know each of you this year. Our campus circulates thousands of books each month and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your willingness to help us each week in the TCE Library! ❤ Mrs. Berumen & Mrs. Cameron

TCE Teacher of the Year 2017-2018

Celebrate our TCE Robotics Teams
We are so proud of both of our TCE robotics teams (Girls Team:  Hydro Hippos and Boys Team:  Sea Serpents) who competed this year!  Our learners were amazing and we were so proud of their efforts at competition!  Here are a few pics from our groups!