Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ready for Some Fun??

JDRF Service Learning
We had our kick-off to our JDRF (Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation)Service Learning @ TCE on Monday!  The slogan is "Kids Helping Kids".  We would like to thank Mike, Cathy and Kelsey Leffingwell for coming out to speak to our kiddos as well as Ana Lueiro and Lorenzo Lueiro.  

Each student at TCE has received an envelope with 5 paper sneakers in it.  If you are able to help us by giving a donation,  please fill out a paper shoe that was sent home with the amount of the donation to bring back and hang up in our front hallway!  The donations can range from $1.00-as much as you would like to give.  You can turn in the shoe to the front office or to your child's classroom teacher.  

We are collecting funds from now until Friday, October 30th to help support the foundation and will be having our official walk on Friday, October 30th during our grade level specials times!  You may come and join your child as they do the walk as well!  We ask that your child wear blue that day of the walk to help show support as well!  

4th grade- 9:30-10:20
2nd grade - 10:20-11:10
5th grade - 11:10-12:00
1st grade - 12:30-1:20
Kinder- 1:20-2:10 
3rd grade - 2:10-3:00

 You may donate online or by collecting money in the envelope and then returning it to school!

 Here is the site where you can also make donations! 
Our goal this year is $5,000!  

Family Design Challenge!
We are doing something new this year to add a little fun with our STEM initiative and engineering design!   We are having our first ever:

TCE Fall Family Pumpkin Challenge!  

We would like for you and your family to try to take a pumpkin and design it into something unique!  This could be anything from a creative artistic expression with paint or decorative items to an invention in which you use the pumpkin in a new and innovative way! 

We do ask that the pumpkin is not carved in any way, as we want to avoid a smelly hallways as we display the pumpkins around the school!   

Also, we are not looking for scary or Halloween themed designs, this is more about how creative and innovative you can be!  Please check out a few examples of ideas below! 

You can start bringing in your pumpkin designs on Monday for display and we will announce our winners on Friday, October 30th! 
(We will have one winner from each grade level!)

TCE Parent/Community Tours 
We had the opportunity to have many parents and community members join us last year for our TCE Tours.   They were able to come in and see the types of learning and resources provided each day in the classroom as well as got a feel for what our children are engaged in daily at school. 

We will be having our first round of Parent/Community Tours to Town Center on Tuesday, November 3rd!  

This is something that we started two years ago in order to give our parents/community a chance to come in during the school day in order to see the learning that is happening and to know more about our goals as a campus!  

There will be a morning tour from 8:30-10:00am 

(major focus on Kinder, 1st, 3rd grades and Specials)

There will be an afternoon tour from 1:00-2:30pm 

(major focus on 2nd, 4th, 5th grades and Specials)

If you would be interested in attending a tour, please click on the following link and fill out the Google Form, so we can contact you about visiting!
Click here to register for a tour time! 

Also another fun event coming up from the 
Coppell Community Supporting Creativity and Fine Arts!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Fall Info @ TCE!

A few reminders as we are getting further into the school year at TCE!
Morning Drop-Off
We ask that each morning you drop off your child in one of the front or back loops or at the front entryway of the school.  We are having many parents who have been going into the gym area and waiting or standing with their child. The school district policy is that you only may be in parts of the school around all learners if you have checked in with a visitor tag. So, we ask that you please drop your learner at the door and then let them walk to their line by themselves.  

When the teachers come to pick up students in the morning from the gym, they need to immediately take the kiddos down to the classrooms as we begin our announcements right after the tardy bell.  This is a not a time to try to conference or visit with teachers, as they have a responsibility to get the day going as quickly as possible for all of their learners.  If you need to leave a message for your teacher, please email them or give them a call.  They will get back to you as quickly as they can.  You may also check with the office staff if you need any further assistance with something for your child and they will help you with any of your needs.  

 Late Arrivals 
Please make sure that if your child is arriving late to school in the morning after 7:55am, that you are walking your child in to get a tardy slip. Remember that 7:50am is the tardy bell. This includes if you take your child to the doctor and they are getting to school/returning.  They should not be walking by themselves into the office to check in as this is a safety concern and we like to ensure a parent/guardian is with them until they are in our care at school.  

Afternoon Early Pick-Ups
Please remember that our instructional day goes until 3:05pm everyday.  We have had many parents coming to pick learners up early.  Trying to get kids down to the office early disrupts the learning environment and does not give a chance for the teachers to finish up a learning activity, give directions for homework or have time for the reflection of the learning day.  We understand that there are certain times when you may need to pick up early, but we ask that you please only do so if absolutely necessary.

Upcoming Events @ TCE

 Kick-Off for Diabetes Service Learning 
Remember. . .Monday, October 19th, kicking off our service learning project with an assembly in the gym at 8:30am!  Then our fun run will be during specials times on Friday, October 30th!  
Feel free to come up and join us for the walk/run times on that day during your child's specials time!

4th grade- 9:30-10:20
2nd grade - 10:20-11:10
5th grade - 11:10-12:00
1st grade - 12:30-1:20
Kinder- 1:20-2:10 
3rd grade - 2:10-3:00

Picture Retakes 
Don't forget school picture retakes will be Tuesday, October 20th first thing in the morning.  If you need a form and did not receive one, please check with the front office!

Spirit Rally
Our 1st TCE Spirit Rally will be Friday, October 23rd at 8:30am in the gym.  This a fun time for our kiddos to get together as a campus to celebrate all the wonderful things happening at TCE and laugh, smile and have fun!   
We ask that your child please wears their TCE spirit grade level color t-shirt on this day!  

Texan Town
Just a reminder our Texan Town dates for the fall are October 16th and 30th, November 6th, 13th, and 20th, and December 4th!  

Red Ribbon Week
Check out my last post on the blog to see what to wear for each of the days the week of October 26th-30th!

 Spring Creek BBQ Night 
It's that time of year again for our annual fundraiser night at Spring Creek BBQ!  Join us as we have a fun night of eating with our TCE families and help earn some cash to go toward resources for the campus!  Save the date:  November 3rd!  Times to be sent soon!  

Items Needed @ TCE!
Kindergarten is collecting gently used shoes for our school shoe drive! Any type of shoe will work (heels, sandals, tennis shoes, loafers, etc.) They will be using these shoes in their first Engineering unit as well as donating them to various charities in our community.

Blue Jeans
 Kindergarten is also collecting any blue jeans that you are not using/wearing anymore! They are going to be doing their very first global service learning project this month. They will be helping to make closed toe shoes for children in Africa out of blue jeans. 

If you would like a little more information before they get started, please click on the link below! More information will be coming home as they get closer to starting this global service learning project!  
Click here for more info about the project!

Innovation Station Materials
We are asking for each person in the class to please donate  the following supplies to help us get everything up and going for use for this year!

You may have your child drop these off in their classroom or you can also drop off at the front office!  

**All classes: empty paper towel rolls, packing fillers (styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, etc), any size cardboard boxes, nuts, bolts, washers, aluminum foil

    K1 McKinney- cotton balls

    K2 Torti - straws

    K3 Brehm - popsicle sticks

    1A McShan - clothespins

    1BVincenzo - yarn or string

    1C Burks - paper plates

    2A  Wagner - paper bowls

    2B  Schaaf - paper bowls

    2C Parker - paper cups

    2D Rice - paper cups

    3A Sork - rubber bands

    3B Judd - index cards

    3C Bowman - playdoh

    3D Tonemah - fishing line or twine

    3E McGraw - felt or fabric remnants

    4A Peccarelli - tape

    4B Seifert - tape

    4C Natherson - glue sticks or glue bottles

    4D Taylor - saran wrap

    5A Martin - brads

    5B Kemp - q-tips

    5C Hruby - toothpicks

    5D Rohani - playdoh