Friday, November 3, 2017

Moving on into November!

It is hard to believe we are already moving on into November and that we will be having our Thanksgiving Break before we know it!  Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend as we fall back and get that extra hour of time.  We have been very busy at TCE during the month of October and have some great events, reminders and learning to share with you below!

Social Emotional Feedback Still Needed
We have received feedback from about 25 people on our survey looking at ways to support social/emotional needs of our learners at TCE.  This data will help guide us in lessons for our learners which are supported by our counselor and teachers.  Also, it can help guide us for specific resources, presentations or supports we could implement into PTO meetings/roundtables at TCE for parents.

Career/Hobbies/Talents: Learning Connections (updated link)
I realized that the link to the form was not working effectively.  So, please see the following info one more time and sign up below.
We would love to know more about our parents/families specific careers, hobbies and/or special talents!  We love to connect our classroom learning to real world skills! Often we have parents come in to speak about specific topics or show our learners how to do a specific skill, also we have used Skype/Facetime to see parents at work! Many individuals have helped during certain days in our Texan Town time to help our learners to know more about their  careers, hobbies or special talents!

Please fill out the form below to share with us your information so we might contact you in order to help us with our goals for career awareness and life long learning at TCE! 

TCE 3rd Grade Music Performance
Our 3rd grade will have a music performance happening on Tuesday, November 7th.  They will perform for the school at 8:15am as well as will have an evening performance at 6:00pm.  Hope to see you there! 

Veteran's Day Program and Invitation
Please see the following invitation for our Veterans ceremony next week!  Also, a sheet came home with your child in which they may celebrate a Veteran and bring it back to hang on our wall for display before our ceremony on Friday.  

Spring Creek BBQ Night for TCE Families and Friends
We will have our Spring Creek BBQ fundraiser night coming up on Monday, November 13th.  Hope you are all able to come out and help us raise funds for TCE.  A percentage of the profits for the night go back to our campus!  Bring your family, friends and your appetite!

TCE Turkey Trot
Our annual Turkey Trot will be held on Friday, November 17th during our specials times.  Feel free to come up and run with your child/ren or cheer them on out at the track!  
Here are the times:  
4th:  9:30-10:20
3rd:  10:20-11:10
5th:  11:10-12:00
1st:  12:30-1:20
Kinder:  1:20-2:10
2nd:  2:10-3:00

Look at Learning Around the School!
Town Center Elementary iBook
Many of you know that we have a variety of districts who come and tour our campus to see and discuss with us the variety of learning experiences happening each and every day at TCE.  So far this year, we have had groups from Plano ISD, Frisco ISD, Highland Park ISD, Waxahachie ISD, Allen ISD and we have a group scheduled from the state of Ohio coming in December.  

As we collaborate with others, we wanted a way in which we could share about our campus in more detail.  So, we have created a campus iBook in which we will continue to update each year as we learn and grow together. This is a way for parents, community and others in education to have even greater insight into the learning happening each day at TCE.   Feel free to go to iBooks, search for Town Center Elementary and download to read more about our campus.  

TCE Pumpkin Design Challenge
Here is a quick flipagram video connection (created by Tina Berumen) from our TCE Family Storybook Pumpkin Design Challenge.  Thank you to everyone who participated as it was so much fun to see the creativity and innovative ideas!  

Pumpkin Catapult Challenge
Another great STEM challenge happened in our library with our Kinder and 1st graders recently in which they created catapults.  They had to use the engineering design process and collaborate together. Check out this flipagram learning connection!

Photos of Learning in Action
Here are just a few photos of learning in action at TCE this year! You can check out even more photos if you follow us on Twitter! 

TCE Shout Outs for Volunteers, Staff and Community
We are continuing to find ways for our educators and parents to celebrate all of our parents, community members and staff who go the extra mile to help out with our classrooms, in the office, for events, etc. this year!  Here are recent shout outs that have been turned in from our link!

A huge thank you to the amazing Practical Academics team. Ms. Lawler, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Radcliffe are wonderful - amazingly patient, helpful and nurturing (they're pretty good with our kid too). They have done an amazing job working with our son and his teachers so he can be successful in his classes and specials. Our HAPPY is knowing everyone on campus is making him welcome and included at TCE!

Nurse Kane, I cannot thank you enough for how well you take care of my two kiddos. Not only do you make sure they get their breathing treatments, but you call and give me updates on my littlest so this empty nest, self proclaimed helicopter mom has my worries put to rest! Thank you!!! ~Jodi DS

Mrs. Sork, you are a breath of fresh air and such a sweet soul for my little guy to learn from. He always comes home excited about the next day. I love that he LOVES school and YOU! I could not ask for a better experience as a kindergartener and a kindergarten mom. Thank you!

Kinsey Weegar, Thank you so much for preparing all our wonderful refreshments for Special Friends Day! I appreciate all you do for First Grade. Thank you, Lorri Brehm

I would like to give a big Shout Out to Ms. Schaaf for finding such wonderful books for the 5th graders to read. My daughter is so excited by the books that she's had me read several of them and they are fantastic. They cover such a range of topics and emotions that I would never think of her reading about. They have started some great discussions in our house and I love that we can read the same things and both enjoy them so much. I can't wait for the next one! Thanks, Allison Jones

Mrs.Vincenzo - Thank you so much for all that you do and hence making school a wonderful place for kids. Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions in the world. It takes a lot of patience, love, dedication and discipline to guide and teach kids. I am so glad to say that you are one of the best teachers we have!! We are so blessed and lucky to have you in K2!!! ~Love from all K2 parents.

Ms. Star, Thank you for giving our littlest Texans a 'field trip' in the cafeteria. My little guy raved for a whole week about their tour and making cookies from the pumpkins. Thank you so much for taking the time every day for our children. Your patience and love is exceptional. -Elizabeth & Matthew's momma

Nick Walther, Thank you so much for being our Dad's club lead and organizing our TCE campout again this year!  We appreciate all that you do and the time you dedicate to our school and our kiddos! - TCE Family

A big thank you to all of our families who helped dig up the dirt or that came out to help with our grade level pansy planting!  It was so fun and thank you again!  - TCE Family

Thank you to our popcorn queens Sherri Kingsley and Sarah Saleen for helping us out during Texan Town with our Texan Treat club and popping our popcorn for TCE!