Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Info for TCE!

Rangers Game Info Coming Home Today!
Due no later than:  Thursday, May 19th!
I apologize for the quick turn around, but we will have our CISD night at the ballpark on Monday, June the 6th!  

Letters are coming home today with your kiddos and if you could please get those back as soon as possible, if you would like to attend the event!  The date on the letter says the 17th, but we have asked for a bit of an extension, so no later than Thursday, May 19th!  Thank you so much. . . Go Rangers!!

Field Day at TCE
We will be having our annual field day this Friday at Town Center and the Aquatic Center by Andy Brown Park.   We are still looking for volunteers to help on this day!   
Please remember that in order to attend field day or volunteer, you must have completed an online background check.  
(This includes if you even want to come up to the school to watch or be at the aquatic center.  This requirement is for the safety of all of our learners.  
If you have not completed a background check, you will be asked to leave field day.)

Please sign up if you would be able to volunteer. . . 

 Yearbook Signing Party
Our annual TCE Yearbook signing party will be on Tuesday, May 24th from 3:30-4:30pm!  Please make sure that you attend with your kiddos or that they have a way home at 4:30 if they are walking or biking, as the teachers/office staff will not be available after 4:30pm for supervision.  

 TCE Senior Reception
We will be having our annual event for those seniors in high school that are graduating this year on Thursday, May 26th in the library from 4:00-4:30pm.  If you know a past alumni of TCE or have a kiddo who is a senior who attended TCE, please pass this info along!  

Last Day of School 
The last day of school is on Thursday, June 2nd.  We will be having early dismissal at 12:50pm.  Our final spirit rally is that morning at 8:30am and our 5th graders will have their final walk around the halls at 12:40pm.  
Please make sure you are able to pick up your child at the dismissal time of 12:50pm as our staff has a meeting starting at 1:00pm.  Thank you!