Monday, December 14, 2015

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

We are already heading into our final week of December and the year 2015!  It is crazy how the time has flown! 
We have a few important reminders and events this week as well as a few celebrations for you!
Important Reminders
5th grade Music Program
Our 5th graders will be performing their music program for the school on Tuesday, December 15th at 8:00am (dress rehearsal) and then for parents at 6:00pm that evening. Parents are also welcome to attend the morning performance.
Holiday From the Heart
We are doing something a little different this year and will be having our Holiday from the Heart celebration during the school day.  Our grade levels will be partnering together (Kinder, 1st and 4th) and (2nd, 3rd, and 5th) in order to work together in station activities around the school.  
 Kinder, 1st and 4th will have morning stations.
2nd, 3rd and 5th will have afternoon stations.
If you might want to come up and volunteer during these activities, you are more than welcome.  Please fill out the following information by Tuesday, December 15th at 10:00am and we will contact you to let you know more details about the exact times and station activities!
 TCE Winter Parties
 Our classes will be having their winter holiday parties on Thursday, December 17th.  
3rd Grade at 1:00pm
Kinder, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th at 2:00pm
You are welcome to attend the party!

Early Release
We will have an early release on 
Friday, December 18th at 12:50pm!  
Please make sure that you have made arrangements to pick up your child, as the staff will have early release as well when all children are dismissed!  Then we will start back to school on Monday, January 4th! 
We are excited to celebrate our Spring Creek BBQ Fundraiser brought in $1,200.00 for the evening event in November!  Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out on this night for TCE!  
We had two grants awarded to TCE from the Coppell Education Foundation this year!
The winners were Candace Coffee, Kasey Kemp and Renee Rohani!  We are very excited to see what they will be implementing with their grants!  For more info on the Coppell Education Foundation, check out the following link!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Pansies, Veteran's and Turkeys. . .Oh my!

TCE Parents we have officially entered into the month of November!  It's hard to believe these first few months of school have gone by so quickly!  We have several things coming up this month to look forward to at TCE!

 Pansy Planting
We had to postpone our annual pansy planting until this next week due to the rain and muddiness outside.  We will be having our planting one day this next week, so if you would be interested in helping to volunteer for this event, please contact Beth Reynolds at

Sole Hope Shoe Project in Kindergarten
Thank you so much to everyone who donated jeans for our Kindergarten Sole Hope shoe project! Now that we have collected our materials, we are looking for volunteers to come and help us trace and cut the denim into squares. Once the squares are made and put into pairs, we can ship them off to be made into shoes! 

Kindergarten is teaming up with the Fashion Club during Texan Town. If you would like to volunteer to help trace and cut, please bring fabric scissors on 
Friday, November 13th  from 8:00-8:50
Please email Katy McKinney at 
if you would be interested in helping out on this day!
Thank you so much! 
Kindergarten cannot wait to make a difference for other kids just like them that do not have shoes!

 Veteran's Day Ceremony
We will once again be honoring our Veteran's this year in a morning ceremony on Wednesday, November 11th at 8:30am.  If you have a family member or family friend who has served in the military and would like to be recognized as during our ceremony, please see the following invite as well as please email Brett Shelby our Assistant Principal at so we will know who will be attending!  Thank you!

Turkey Drive and Canned Food Drive
Please see the following info for our fall collection canned food drive.  
Also, remember we will have our annual CISD Turkey Drive on November 20th in the morning outside of our school.  
This year is a little different as we have some info from the North Texas Regional Food Bank letting you know why:

  • Our region lost over 1 million birds to avian flu earlier this year. 
  •  Due to decreased supply, the prices of turkeys have increased, therefore, we will provide chickens to client families this holiday season
  •  Chickens can be stuffed and prepared like a standard Thanksgiving Turkey!
  • We received feedback from agencies that many clients could not fit the large turkeys in their oven last year……
  • With a minimum $15 ONLINE donation, a donor can DOUBLE THEIR IMPACT - a $15 donation will provide 2 chickens - thus we will be feeding more families this year
  • We will also have  a $30 ONLINE donation option that will provide 2 families with an ENTIRE meal (chicken and all the fixins':  sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, mac & cheese, cooking oil)

Click here to Donate Online! 

More info for our canned food drive:

TCE Annual Turkey Trot
Don't forget about our annual Turkey Trot that we will have on Friday, November 20th!  This is another fun run/walk that we have to help get everyone excited about physical fitness and invite our parents to come out and run/walk with our grade levels!  Hope you can join us!  
Specials Times for the run:

4th grade- 9:30-10:20
2nd grade - 10:20-11:10
5th grade - 11:10-12:00
1st grade - 12:30-1:20
Kinder- 1:20-2:10 
3rd grade - 2:10-3:00

Shout Outs!

Service Learning
 Shout Out for our JDRF Service Learning Fundraiser!  Town Center raised over $4,000 to help with the Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation as they learned more about how they as learners can maintain healthy eating habits as well as promoting physical fitness at all ages!  Thank you so much for your generous donations and all of the parents who came up to help support our event!

TCE Fall Family Pumpkin Contest  
Shout Out to our TCE families for our pumpkin contest!  Just a few pics from some of our pumpkin designs. . .we had amazing pumpkins brought to school, so this is just a little peek at some of the pumpkins! 
Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun challenge and hoping to do something like it again next year!  


TCE Parent/Community Tours
Shout out to all of the parents and community members who were able to attend our tours!  We had a great turnout and it was wonderful to visit with everyone!  The parents and community members were able to see examples of the learning happening in our classrooms and learn more about our STEM initiative.  We will be having another round of tours this spring, so if you missed the first ones you can join up with us then!    

More fun info to come from TCE soon. . . 
have a wonderful weekend!