Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hoedown, Engineering and Tours Oh My!

TCE Texan Hoedown
Don't forget. . .our Texan sized Hoedown is tomorrow evening from 5:30-8:30pm!  We are still looking for volunteers to help fill spots to make this event successful!  Please if you can register to take on a volunteer spot to help out with a part of the event!  
Thank you for your help and can't wait to celebrate with all of you and the community for this fun-filled evening!  

Parent/Community Tours of TCE
We will be offering our final round of parent/community tours for this year on Thursday, April 21st!  This is a time when you can walk with me around the school and go in classrooms to see the learning happening each day in our building.  It is a great way for new parents or incoming Kindergarten parents to get to experience TCE as well!  

There will be a morning tour from 8:30-10:00am 
(major focus on Kinder, 1st, 3rd grades and Specials)

There will be an afternoon tour from 1:00-2:30pm 
(major focus on 2nd, 4th, 5th grades and Specials)

If you would be interested in attending a tour, please click on the following link and fill out the Google Form, so we can contact you about visiting!
2nd Annual TCE Engineering 
Extravaganza Night
Thursday, April 21st:  5:30-7:00pm
We are continuing on with our new tradition from last year of an engineering night for our learners and parents.  It is a great way to come in and participate with STEM design challenges in stations throughout the building.  There are opportunities for every family K-5 to have fun and explore with hands-on learning together! Feel free to bring younger or older siblings to participate in the fun! 
We hope to see many of you there for our event!  

Spring Sprint Run
We will be having another fun run for those of you who like to come and root on our kiddos during their specials times.  Also, you can join in and run with them as well!  This will be on Friday, April 22nd.
4th grade- 9:30-10:20
2nd grade - 10:20-11:10
5th grade - 11:10-12:00
1st grade - 12:30-1:20
Kinder- 1:20-2:10 
3rd grade - 2:10-3:00

Final Design Challenge for the Year!
(Insects, Bugs, and Spiders)
For our final design challenge of the year, our learners may bring in designs highlighting springtime critters!  (no live bugs please!!)  Remember you may use whatever materials you can (recycled, paper, bottles, etc.) in order to create your design!  We can't wait to see what our innovators and creators will bring in to share!  

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